Rivermont Early Learning Center

Weekly Rates (Effective Sept. 1, 2018): 

Infant/Toddlers $155

Older Toddlers $135

Preschool ages 3-5 full time $120

Preschool part time $100 (Part time is 3 whole days or 5 part days) 

Annual registration fee of $30 due at enrollment. Annual supply fee $50/preschool and $30 for school age

Payments will be due on Monday for the current week of service. Failure to pay by Friday of the following week will result in suspension or child care services until balance is paid in full. Upon receipt of the unpaid balance the child may return to Rivermont ELC if space is still available. The Rivermont ELC appreciates your prompt payment as we work hard to provide the best care to your children.






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